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Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads La pochette en dit long : une montre, le burning man vu de dessus...à vous de deviner pourquoi ; moi, je cherche encore... Favorite track: Get the Gumption.
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i was lost, i was rummaging amongst the leaves. couldn’t --see the wood for the trees then i messed, everything up. then i messed everything up. breathe out breathe in breathe out breathe in life’s for living breath out breathing Together being equals the art of being = being together = the art of being equals the art of being = Dancing like there’s no one watching singing like there’s no one listening breathing the air you have breathed out the air you have breathed in the air we are breathing.
Get your Gumption State your Function Solve a Problem Articulate you Function (Get your Gumption) Decide the detailed something (get your gumption, state your function, solve a problem) Repeat, Release Existence Repeat, Release Exist, Tense.
chirp chirp chirp.
Burning Bridges Bridges creak as they break as they burn. Burning Feathers. Feathers fall to the ground as they burn.
We know where the mother tongue does grow. Over rock and through bone. Houmet Herbe, Houmet Herbe. A crumbling fort, a crashing sea. Stranded next to Alderney. Houmet Herbe, Houmet Herbe. Rats scratch amongst the rocks the moon is full, the tide is up. Houmet Herbe, Houmet Herbe. Telling tales, singing songs Stranded with your closest chums. Houmet Herbe, Houmet Herbe.
Beatle bones 'n' smokin' stones. The dry sand falls. Strawberry mouth. Strawberry moth. Strawberry caterpillar. Strawberry butter fly Strawberry fields, oh the winged eels slither. On the heels of today's children. Strawberry Fields Forever. Beatle bones 'n' smokin' stones (the dry sand falls) The dark, the light, the dark, the day.
Then & Then 03:42
Pleased to meet you, we’ll chase orange peels, across the sea shore and rummage for coins. And then we’d realise, we’d like to spend the night, With each other, let’s go home. We would grow ceaselessly learn then and then we’d have it all (and less if we look backwards) we would grow ceaselessly, love Then and then, we’d have it all. We’d have, it all. The sky is bruising, soon be evening. We’ll pack our things from beside the seaside. And then we’d realise, that we will spend our lives, With each other lets go home.
Sanctuary found in OverSleep, a piece. Sanctuary found in OverSleep, a sleep. Sanctuary found in OverSleep, a peace.


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Most of these songs have been brewing since 2009 (some even earlier) living as twinkly guitar things in my fingers, seldom played to another.
New meetings, experiences, travels and influences spurred this collection of 'decorated time.'

And this thing, OverSleep, crept along. Over the years, amongst the late nights and morning hazes, wafting amongst the daydreams.

It was gradually captured in sporadic, intense bursts between 2012 – 2015.

It was some sort of sanctuary.


released December 16, 2016

Squier Squier - voice, guitars, flute, piccolo, alto saxophone, timpani, glockenspiel
Skyris - voice on 2,4 and 5. synth on 4.
Charly Jolly - clarinet, bass clarinet
Emily Cunliffe - french horn
Mickey Bones - trombone
Horace Sousatron - sousaphone
Jinny Hinge - baritone saxophone, recorders
Frisk Dadler - drums, percussion
Peter Zed - engineering, production, synth on 8.

Front cover photo collage of Ernst Haeckel's radiolarian drawings, my grandfather's pocket watch and Black Rock City by Jessica Zed.

This (nearly) all happened at The Premises (solar-powered) Studios, London.
Burning Bridges, was recorded in Skyris' old house in Davis, California in summer 2009.
Field recordings on track 3 were grabbed from Sonoma, California, the heartbeat on 8 directly from a womb.

Aside from the drums by Oliver Barton-Wood and a few bits by Squier at home, it was all engineered with the careful ears of Peter Zed.

Produced and mixed by Peter Zed with Squier Squier assisting, in Peter’s bedroom near Victoria park, London, and also in Oakland, California.

Mastered by Mandy Parnell at Black Saloon Studios, Autumn 2015.

Songs and words by Squier, apart from track 6, which is by Captain Beefheart.

Arrangements by Squier, apart from Skyris' vocals, the soaring chord on track 8 (which was by Peter Zed) and some of Frisk’s beats.
Select instrumental parts were conjured by the intuition and improvisational majesty of the players and then spliced by Squier.

Complete gratitude to all the people that helped me realise this music, particularly Peter Zed for his expertise, patience and friendship in bringing these songs to life.


all rights reserved



Squier Squier London, UK

Squier Squier is a London based composer, performer and producer.

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